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Don’t reinvent the wheel or spend years working at the margins on diversity, equity & inclusion (DEI). Kathleen has over 22 years’ experience working with a wide variety of organizations of all sizes in their efforts to advance diversity and inclusion.

In addition to educational workshops, Kathleen works closely with organizational leaders, including DEI Committee members, to identify hidden barriers to success that disproportionately impact people in underrepresented groups. She also consults with and assists leaders in creating strategic action plans, surveys, case statements, communications, DEI competencies, and metrics for measuring success – all necessary components of a successful DEI initiative.

Are you starting or re-starting a DEI Initiative? Read this memo to understand where to start.

What makes Kathleen unique

  • Kathleen is passionate about helping leaders lead on DEI and unleash the benefits of DEI.
  • Kathleen’s broad experience across sectors and industries helps organizations dramatically reduce their learning curve and avoid common mistakes in pursuing a DEI change initiative.
  • Kathleen is a high-level strategic thinker who is seen by organizational leaders as an effective guide in this work.
  • Kathleen is very skilled at flipping mindsets – not just leaders’ – but everyone in the organization, which is often the biggest stumbling block to advancing DEI.
  • Kathleen’s tools for advancing DEI are practical and designed to identify and address the most critical issues.

Training – New Approaches & Tools for Retaining Diverse Talent

Highly rated by audiences across the U.S. and Canada, Kathleen’s training sessions are interactive and designed to maximize “aha” moments needed to create buy-in and action.  Kathleen customizes workshops to your organization’s stage in diversity and inclusion efforts and needs.  Workshops can include any of the following topics:

  • Unconscious bias and workplace impacts
  • How to interrupt unconscious bias on individual and organizational levels
  • The difference between diversity and inclusiveness
  • How to engage white male allies and champions
  • The Business Case – why diversity and inclusion are critical to achieving business goals
  • How unconscious bias causes unintended hidden barriers to success and contributes to higher attrition rates
  • How to start an inclusiveness initiative and build a foundation for sustained success
  • Deconstructing recruiting practices to find and address systemic limitations and embed inclusion nudges
  • Designing and implementing action plans that address structural, cultural and behavioral changes to advance diversity & inclusion
  • Micro-inequities & aggressions
  • Proximity biases in a hybrid workplace
  • How to create a “gender smart” organization
  • Inclusive meetings
  • Inclusive language


Kathleen is an expert in developing inclusion strategies to eliminate hidden barriers to success for employees in underrepresented groups. She is an engaging speaker with a deep passion for assisting individuals and organizations in making changes needed to retain and advance diverse talent. She provides in-depth training sessions on diversity, equity, and inclusion as well as unconscious bias. Audiences are wide-ranging and have included executives, managers and supervisors at large and small companies; scientists; engineers; lawyers; educators; doctors; office workers; electrical linesmen; manufacturing plant employees; and managers at a sewer district and a county public works department.

Kathleen customizes presentations to the organization and the audience. Her presentations on unconscious bias are highly engaging and interactive (see the extensive list of speaking engagements on the “Speaking” page). The workshops are designed to give people the knowledge and the tools they need to take action to interrupt unconscious bias at the individual and organizational levels.

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"Unconscious Proximity Biases" Course

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