Diversity & Inclusion Strategies for Businesses & Organizations

Transform your workplace by identifying hidden barriers to success and interrupting the unconscious bias  that causes them and prevents diversity from thriving.

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I offer two free assessments that can help your firm or organization identify hidden barriers to advancement, as well as gauge how  your team stacks up on diversity & inclusion.

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Going All In on Diversity and Inclusion--The Law Firm Leader's Playbook 2019

Going All-In: The Law Firm Leader’s Playbook

Going All-In on Diversity and Inclusion is for law firm leaders who want to promote inclusiveness initiatives to make diversity sustainable, so their firms can reap all the benefits of a diverse workforce. Unlike traditional diversity efforts, inclusiveness initiatives require firm leaders to go “All-In,” meaning:

  • My-In: A full commitment by leaders, plus action to uncover hidden barriers to success;
  • Buy-In: Gaining the support and participation of others in the firm; and
  • Tie-In: Making diversity and inclusion, through structural changes, a part of the DNA of the organization.

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