Diversity & Inclusion Strategies for Businesses & Organizations

Transform your workplace by identifying hidden barriers to success and interrupting the unconscious bias  that causes them and prevents diversity from thriving.

What People Are Saying About Kathleen’s Presentations

I’ve attended many D&I programs but found yours the best. The presenter was well-qualified to present the issues, yet her style and examples provided the grace and sensitivity for learning, not defensiveness or guilt.

I thought the CLE program yesterday was top notch.  I have done a bunch of these bias courses and Kathleen was the absolute best.

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I offer two free assessments that can help your firm or organization identify hidden barriers to advancement, as well as gauge how  your team stacks up on diversity & inclusion.

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Going All In on Diversity and Inclusion--The Law Firm Leader's Playbook 2019

Going All-In: The Law Firm Leader’s Playbook

Going All-In on Diversity and Inclusion is for law firm leaders who want to promote inclusiveness initiatives to make diversity sustainable, so their firms can reap all the benefits of a diverse workforce. Unlike traditional diversity efforts, inclusiveness initiatives require firm leaders to go “All-In,” meaning:

  • My-In: A full commitment by leaders, plus action to uncover hidden barriers to success;
  • Buy-In: Gaining the support and participation of others in the firm; and
  • Tie-In: Making diversity and inclusion, through structural changes, a part of the DNA of the organization.

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