Organizational D&I Assessment

Estimated time to complete: 5 minutes

Welcome to the Organizational Diversity & Inclusion Assessment. It is designed to help you benchmark your firm’s current diversity and inclusion efforts.

In answering the questions, keep in mind that in most law firms, traditionally underrepresented groups include female, LGBTQ, racially/ethnically diverse, and disabled lawyers. However, in Minority- and Women-Owned law firms, white men could be underrepresented. Answer the questions based on what group(s) are underrepresented in your particular firm.

The assessment takes about 5 minutes to complete. Try to answer the questions for the firm overall. If your law firm is too large and you don’t feel you have a good sense of what is happening across the firm, then answer the questions based on your particular practice group or office.

Your answers are completely anonymous. At the end of the assessment, you will receive instant results based on your answers. None of the information is stored by the website app.

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