Diversity & Inclusion Strategies that Work

Inclusion is a process for integrating, engaging, and leveraging diverse talent to optimize business goals.

Transform your workplace for better bottom-line results. Inclusiveness is a process for creating a workplace where everyone can do their best work and contribute fully to achievement of business goals. Providing excellent client service depends on creating teams with a wide array of backgrounds and perspectives and then leveraging their differences.  Kathleen provides training and consulting customized to your organization, including engaging and interactive workshops on unconscious bias.

Email from organizational leader regarding Kathleen’s unconscious bias training in 2018:

Your training was well received, with the most common feedback being that it was thought provoking, and equal parts challenging and empowering. From my perspective, it was just what we, as an organization, needed to reinvigorate our inclusion efforts.

Best in class organizations are taking diversity efforts to the next level by incorporating the new paradigm of inclusiveness to retain and advance talent they work hard to recruit.

  • Attract and Retain Clients:  Forward-thinking organizations recognize that next-level diversity and inclusiveness efforts will help them retain clients interested in having diverse teams work on their matters and attract new clients who share this same commitment.
  • Provide Better Client Service:  New research also demonstrates how you can “see around corners” better for clients if you have an inclusive workplace that incorporates diverse perspectives.  Be smarter and serve clients better by leveraging diversity through inclusiveness.
  • Reduce Costs:  Research studies demonstrate that organizations are more successful in retaining talent by implementing inclusive practices which reduce turnover costs.

Move from Talk to Action on Diversity & Inclusion

Stop the revolving door in your organization by starting an inclusiveness initiative.  Kathleen can help your organization take ACTION.