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Why are attrition rates higher for female and diverse talent?  Kathleen has answers and can help you put that last puzzle piece in place through an inclusiveness initiative.

People Are the Missing Puzzle Piece

Training – New Approaches & Tools for Retaining Diverse Talent

Highly rated by national audiences, Kathleen’s training sessions are interactive and designed to maximize “aha” moments needed to create buy-in and action.  Kathleen customizes the training to your organization’s stage in diversity and inclusion efforts and needs.  Workshops can include any of the following topics:

  • Unconscious bias and workplace impacts
  • The difference between diversity and inclusiveness
  • How to engage white male allies and champions
  • Why diversity and inclusion are critical to achieving business goals
  • Research studies that demonstrate how diversity can improve individual and team performance
  • How implicit bias causes unintended hidden barriers to success and contributes to higher attrition rates
  • How to start an inclusiveness initiative and build a foundation for sustained success
  • Deconstructing recruiting practices to find and address systemic limitations
  • Designing organizational climate surveys to find hidden issues
  • Creating effective metrics to identify issues and measure success
  • Designing and implementing action plans that address structural, cultural and behavioral changes
  • Assessing organizational culture
  • Generational diversity
  • Specific factors inhibiting gender diversity

Consulting – Moving Past Surface Level Efforts to Strategies with Lasting Impact

Kathleen spent five years working closely with 26 organizations as they launched and implemented inclusiveness initiatives.  She consulted with each organization to work through challenges and design strategies for success.  More recently, Kathleen has worked closely with Fortune 500 corporate law departments and AmLaw 200 law firms as they created the infrastructure to advance their diversity and inclusion efforts. Don’t reinvent the wheel; let Kathleen do what she does best – bring a wealth of experience across organizations of different sizes and structures to help your organization move forward.

Coaching – Successfully Navigating Hidden Barriers to Success

Kathleen has coached hundreds of diverse students and professionals over the past 10 years; teaching them about hidden barriers in their organizations and effective strategies for navigating those challenges.

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